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The GameStrong:LiveStronger Program

Empowering Communities, Schools, and Workplaces Through Gaming

Welcome to the GameStrong:LiveStronger Program, a revolutionary initiative designed to harness the power of gaming to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our program offers a turnkey solution for communities, schools, and workplaces to create positive and supportive environments where gaming is a tool for connection, growth, and healing.


Our Mission:

To transform the perception of gaming from mere entertainment to a valuable resource for mental wellness, fostering resilience, and building strong, supportive communities.


Program Overview:

The GameStrong:LiveStronger Program provides a comprehensive framework for implementing our blueprint, which leverages gaming to address mental health challenges. We offer training, resources, and ongoing support to empower local leaders in bringing this vision to life.


Our program begins with identifying and training local leaders who are passionate about gaming and mental health. These leaders receive in-depth training through our Mighty Networks platform, covering topics such as the program's blueprint, leadership skills, and mental health awareness.




We provide continuous support to our leaders and communities through regular webinars, Q&A sessions, and access to a library of resources. This ensures that everyone involved stays informed, motivated, and equipped to make a difference.


Each participating group gains access to a dedicated community on Mighty Networks. This platform enables seamless communication, collaboration, and sharing of resources, ensuring that leaders and members can connect and support each other effectively.




The program encourages the organization of gaming events, workshops, and activities that promote mental health and emotional wellbeing. These events are designed to be inclusive, engaging, and supportive, creating a safe space for participants to connect and thrive.



Leaders receive a comprehensive toolkit that guides them through the process of implementing the program in their respective settings. The toolkit includes activity guides, discussion prompts, and tools for evaluating the program's impact.



We have established a system for tracking progress and measuring the program's impact on participants' mental health and emotional wellbeing. Feedback from leaders and members is crucial for refining and enhancing the program.

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